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Lockrack is a revolutionary product that allows you to spend less time loading and unloading, and more time on what you want to do! Easy to use, a locking mechanism providing peace of mind and soft UV protected Thermo plastic rubber keep your craft secure and damage free.

Lockrack is built to last. All components used are rust resistant, Anodised Aluminium and UV Protected rubber. There are seven models of Lockrack each one custom made to suit your lifestyle or work choice. From surfboards to stand up paddle boards, kayaks, surf craft and ladders, the Lockrack is designed to facilitate single person handling even in extreme weather conditions.

Go Strapless

Saturday Mornings made easy... Whether you are heading to a nippers event, kayak fishing, taking a leisurely stand up paddle down the river, or catching some barrels at your local spot, lockrack lifestyle accessories are going to make your trip a bit better !



Lockrack Surf/Mal/Nipper $239.99
This Lockrack™ model is designed to hold a single Nipper Board or Racing Mal. This Unit also works well with Surfboards (can carry up to two boards). Say goodbye to the straps! Manufactured to the highest standards using rust-resistant materials.
Lockrack Universal X Series - Adjustable Base $335.00
The all new Universal X is designed to hold 1-2 stand up paddle boards, kayak, or canoe and features a base with an adjustable width of 50-65 cm. Manufactured to the highest standards using rust-resistant materials.  
Lockrack SUP X Series - Adjustable Base $295.00 $315.00
The All new Single SUP X-Series is designed to hold a single stand up paddle board and features an adjustable base width of 50-65cm. With a simple adjustment, the Single SUP X-Series can fit narrow race boards all the way up to the widest recreational boards out there. Manufactured to the highest standards using rust-resistant materials.
Lockrack Surfski X Series - Adjustable Base $295.00 $335.00
The All new Surf Ski X-Series is designed to hold a single craft – surf ski, smaller kayaks and other smaller craft. Surfskis/Ocean Skis are you be transported upside down with the gunwhales on the base of the lockrack. The base is adjustable in width from 40cm to 50cm with included space bar. Manufactured to the highest standards using rust-resistant materials.
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Genius Racks. Slide the boards in from the back...click clack and off you go...so easy to undo when you get to the beach and then just slide back in when you’ve finished ..click clack..off you go again! Saves loads of time.. and safe from thieves when your grabbing your coffee! Amazing !

Iain walters

I've had a set of Lockracks for a couple of years now. So easy to use - no more climbing up on door sills to thread straps - simply pop your board up and slide in the arms. I'm also really happy with the security they offer as well. My boards are completely secure when I have to park up anywhere. Magnificent product.

Trevor Watson

I purchased my lock rack several years ago along with the Thule sliding roof rack. Being short in stature, the lock rack is the best ever for easy handling. Many passers by have commented on the simplicity of the racks and friends have since bought the same setup. Well done on this design.

Virginia Westerson



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Secure your SUP.

1 Board 2 Boards


Less time Securing = More time on the water!

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Anti Rust

Rust Free Materials used to manufacture Lockrack.

Safe and Secure

Secure your craft in seconds using the Lockrack.

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Fast and Reliable Shipping Australia wide.

Fits Most Vehicles

Thule, Whispbar, Rhinorack, Yakima - lockrack fits most types