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Lockrack Lifestyle Accessories

Lockrack™ is a revolutionary product that allows you to spend less time loading and unloading, and more time on what you want to do!

Easy to use, a locking mechanism providing peace of mind and soft UV protected Thermo plastic rubber keep your craft secure and damage free.

Lockrack™ is built to last. All components used are rust resistant, Anodised Aluminium and UV Protected rubber. There are seven models of Lockrack™ each one custom made to suit your lifestyle or work choice. From surfboards to stand up paddle boards, kayaks, surf craft and ladders, the Lockrack™ is designed to facilitate single person handling even in extreme weather conditions.

Buying a Lockrack

  • Anti- Rust

    Rust Free Materials used to manufacture Lockrack.

  • Safe and Secure

    Secure your craft in seconds using the Lockrack.

  • Fast and Reliable

    Fast and Reliable Shipping Australia wide. 

  • Fits Most Vehicles

    Fits most roof rack brands on variety of vehicles


Buy Lockrack Universal X Series - Adjustable Base

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Which Unit should I buy to suit my Craft

Surfboard Unit - Suits surfboards up to 68 cm wide. Can also be used for Nipper Boards.

Surfski Unit - Adjustable Now so can fit narrow and wider type Surfskis.

Single SUP - Boards less than 30 inch's are ideally suited to the Single SUP 50 cm Base, boards wider than 30 inch's tend to work better on the 65 cm base. Alternatively the New SUP X unit allows for adjustment of the base 50 - 65 cm.

Kayak - Kayaks can be carried using the Universal X unit. The Base is adjustable and accommodates narrow and wide kayaks.

Universal Unit - This unit can carry two SUPS or Wider Kayaks.

Do I still need to strap my craft whilst using Lockracks

No you do not. If the craft is secured correctly the lockrack negates the need for any extra strapping.

Will the Lockrack work on my Roof Rack

Lockrack fits most brands. If the roof rack does not have a groove down the middle, alternative options are available. If you have a Heavy duty Rack Adaptors are available - simply call us and we will talk you through your options. Standard fitting Ideally suited to Rhino Racks, Thule and Whispbar.

How do I Install the lockrack to my vehicle ?

Simply Visit our Fitment guide by clicking on Fitment and Specs.