Universal Adaptor For Lockrack $35.00
If your vehicle does not have factory roof racks with an accessory groove on the top or aftermarket racks like Thule, Yakima or factory crossbars, you will need these universal bar adapters to properly attach the racks. 4 x Universal Adapters for round, square and factory crossbars. For Classic SUP and Surf Board Racks - 1 Set is Required.For Universal X, SUP X and Surfski X Units - 2 Sets are Required.
Heavy Duty Adaptor For Lockrack $35.00
Heavy Duty Mount for Heavy Duty Roof Racks. Fits the Rhino Rack HD and Prorack HD as well as others. Come in a set of 4. For Mal/Nipper/Surf Unit - Only one set is required. For Surfski X, SUP X and Universal X - Two sets are required.
Set of Keys $14.99
* Please ensure you check the Key number stamped in the back of the keys to ensure you order the correct one. Require more keys - you can purchase a set of 4 keys here.
Short Arms 4 Pack from $100.00
These arms are great for Surfboards and SUP's. If you have a base with Long arms - purchasing the Short arms will help make your lockrack more versatile - allowing you to carry more types of craft.
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Long Arms 4 Pack $165.00
These arms are great for Kayaks and carrying two SUP's. It is also ideal for ladders. If you have a base with Short arms - purchasing the Long arms will help make your lockrack more versatile - allowing you to carry more types of craft.
Bases from $95.00 $135.00
If you require a new base for your vehicle or are looking to add a set of bases to another vehicle, simply select the size you need, install and off you go. Arms are interchangeable between all of our bases.
Lockrack Loading Bar $45.00
Load your craft with ease using the Lockrack Loading bar. This bar fits into the Lockrack - like the arm usually would and is covered with Eva Foam to help load your craft.   
Square Bar Adaptor For Lockrack $15.00
This adaptor allows you to fit your lockrack product to the older style square bars. Set of 4 and neccesary nuts and bolts.
Lockrack Rubber Insert from $10.00
Replacement rubber insert for Lock Rack base plates. Comes in 25cm and 12.5cm sizes.
Standard Mounting Bracket $25.00
The Standard Mounting Bracket which is supplied with the Lockrack Sets - to fit Aerobars with a channel. Sold as a Set of 4

Anti Rust

Rust Free Materials used to manufacture Lockrack.

Safe and Secure

Secure your craft in seconds using the Lockrack.

Fast and Reliable

Fast and Reliable Shipping Australia wide.

Fits Most Vehicles

Thule, Whispbar, Rhinorack, Yakima - lockrack fits most types