Lockrack Universal X Series - Adjustable Base $335.00
The all new Universal X is designed to hold 1-2 stand up paddle boards, kayak, or canoe and features a base with an adjustable width of 50-65 cm. Manufactured to the highest standards using rust-resistant materials.  
Long Arms 4 Pack $175.00
These arms are great for Kayaks and carrying two SUP's. It is also ideal for ladders. If you have a base with Short arms - purchasing the Long arms will help make your lockrack more versatile - allowing you to carry more types of craft.
Bases from $125.00
If you require a new base for your vehicle or are looking to add a set of bases to another vehicle, simply select the size you need, install and off you go. Arms are interchangeable between all of our bases.

Anti Rust

Rust Free Materials used to manufacture Lockrack.

Safe and Secure

Secure your craft in seconds using the Lockrack.

Fast and Reliable

Fast and Reliable Shipping Australia wide.

Fits Most Vehicles

Thule, Whispbar, Rhinorack, Yakima - lockrack fits most types